James JosephSeems like such a long time since I first released this book through Audenreed Press. The bulk of the books in print sold within the first two years.

I was quite surprised to find out how much they're selling for now. Check out how much they want in the UK, Germany, and France. Audenreed Press is closing, so I've taken possession of the remaining books. I'll be selling these books online, and most, if not all new copies will only be available here. There may be a handful of new books out there, but for the most part, those claiming to sell new books are probably unaware that they can no longer be ordered except through this site. And, I'll be discounting them to $7.95 plus shipping.

It was popular in its time, so I suppose it's possible that it has gained value. Check out the old reviews. However, I think some of these prices may be out of line. Most of the large booksellers no longer have copies in stock, and aren't aware that they won't be able to get them except through this site.

There aren't a lot. Some are shrink-wrapped and fantastic for collecting. And, some aren't... perfect for signing. Soon, this will be the only place to buy a new copy. Maybe I'll pick up that sequel again and finish it. If so, I'll also release a 2nd edition of Shadow of the Serpent, but it will be heavily edited. This first edition will remain unique. For now, the cost will be discounted to $7.95.

Shadow of the Serpent
A Coyote Moon Story

Native American fiction novel about American Indians of the Mississippian culture in conflict with the ancient warriors of Teo



ISBN: 1-879418-80-0
Quality Paperback:
5 1/2" x 8 1/2"
423 Pages
Retail $14.95 US

Sale Price $7.95 US

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Shadow of the Serpent: A Coyote Moon Story is one of the best Native American books I've read. Those of you who know me- understand that that is quite a statement as I've read well over 200 of them, and published my own native american haiku. I'm not an expert in the field- but pretty close.

The book is set in prehistoric North America and Joseph weaves quite an extravagant story of ancient civilizations, nomads, and the ever-present struggle for control of land and domination over others.

This work could be called action/adventure as it contains plenty of both, but it also mixes fact & fantasy which leads us on a spiritual journey as we view what we have made of this world. The parables contained within the text are insightful, and deeply provocative. James has encased these moral gems into a very well crafted narrative which is exciting, enticing, and eloquent. He brings us a closer look at ancient rites and rituals and helps us to see the need for such in our present world.

This book gets my highest recommendation!!

Leslie Blanchard--A Writer's Choice Literary Journal

Sequannah and the Minnecou clan he belongs to travel the Great Plains. In the summer, they live on the northern plains and mountains. During the winter, they always go south to enjoy the warmer climate. This season, the Snake People have viciously stamped their way of life on anyone in their path. Lands are being devoured, and people are being massacred or placed in bondage as slaves. The Snake People have an unrelenting appetite to control all they see. This forces the Minnecou to unite with another clan, the Paccus, in a desperate attempt to survive as the Snake People are coming their way.

The united clans share nothing in common except their fear of the oncoming Snake People. The Minnecou and the Paccus not only have differing customs and traditions, they do not share a common language. Yet, these two unlikely allies, led by people like Sequannah, must find the strength to forge a partnership if they are to survive.

SHADOW OF THE SERPENT: A COYOTE MOON STORY may be the best Native American novel of the year. James Joseph scribes an incredible metaphysical tale that is boundless in time even as it provides an endearing message that forces of good can overcome any barrier if people will only let it be. Hopefully, more stories starring Sequannah will be forthcoming from the obviously talented Mr. Joseph."

Harriet Klausner--Painted Rock Writers and Readers Colony

James Joseph's Shadow Of The Serpent is an action-packed adventure novel that blends fact and fantasy into an engaging spiritual journey that examines such questions as whether the gains of modern civilization are substantive or illusory, and have we lost our true sense of meaning in the evolving transition from ancient wisdom to contemporary assumptions underlying our technologically driven, mass produced culture. Highly recommended.

Internet Bookwatch--Midwest Book Review

"In the writing of such an historical novel, close observation and integrity of detail are essential; the reader seeks authenticity in the details. Can we believe the world? In this venue, it appears that a sense of authenticity is James Joseph’s strongest asset as a writer. His descriptions of nature are vivid, detailed and interesting."

Mike Corrigan--The Bridgton News

"Can anyone resist smiling and heeding when Chief Dan George ("The Outlaw Josey Wales") peers into that sepia tone past and weaves a story? We instantly befriend and appreciate him, and feel welcome at his campfire. In "Shadow of the Serpent," James Joseph captures that authentic mystique in a riveting tale well told. Joseph is wise beyond his years in relating this wisdom of the ancients in such visual, smooth pebble dialect. A reassuring whiff of wood smoke as the tale unfolds."

Steve Harrison, Publisher--The Jonboat Journal

"Imagine for a moment you are a young warrior captured by an enemy tribe. You are enslaved, tortured and humiliated by your captors, then offered an opportunity to escape; which would mean personal freedom, but could also lead to the annihilation of your people and the desecration of the earth. What would you do? This is the dilemma faced by Sequannah, the youthful protagonist of this action-packed fantasy adventure, Shadow of the Serpent A Coyote Moon Story. James Joseph weaves together a poignant coming-of-age story with the earth-centered teachings of Native American spirituality into an engaging and entertaining first novel..."

—Patricia A. Burke
Author of Breathe Deeply: Healing Stories for the Soul


Ancient Native American lore, spirituality and philosophy are brought to vivid life in James Joseph's first novel, "Shadow of the Serpent." Using a compelling blend of fact, fiction and fantasy, Joseph spins an adventure yarn full of action, mystery and intriguing parables.

Inspired by his interest in Native American history and culture, Joseph spent 10 years researching and writing this tale. While the large publishing houses are looking for formula material with mass appeal, this cross-genre story found small presses most receptive. And Joseph, with Audenreed Press of Brunswick, has produced a satisfying story of loyalty, sacrifice and hardship, in a triumph of good over evil.

Joseph cleverly never tell us exactly where or when this story takes place, but he does provide enough clues to orient the reader and still keep you guessing. Just when you think you have figured out the where, when and who, he slips in another clue that will confound you.

Sequannah is a young warrior of the Minnecou clan. He and his people summer in the northern plains and mountains, but head south to spend the winter in warmer climes. During a summer journey in the north, Sequannah and the Minnecou are forced to join forces with the Paccus, a rival clan. A brutal, warlike tribe known as the Snake People is creating an empire of evil and bloodshed as they grow in power, consuming lands and enslaving other peoples in a voracious quest for more power and wealth. It is easy to see some modern historic parallels here.

The Minnecou and Paccus are in the path of this spreading menace and their whole existence as proud societies is threatened. Although they have different languages, customs and attitudes, the Minnecou and the Paccus forge an uneasy alliance to resist the Snake People. Sequannah, his father, sister, and others of his clan are confronted with challenges and decisions they had never before dreamed of facing.

In this struggle for survival, these unlikely allies face dangers greater than the fierce, armor-clad Snake warriors. The leader of the Snake People, Quiktkoata, also possesses mystical powers used to terrorize his subjects and his victims. In addition to his thousands of human warriors, he controls an army of black and yellow serpents, snakes with the power to enchant and paralyze anyone who looks into the serpents' eyes. Three large hawks also fly in the skies above, serving as Quiktkoata's eyes, searching for enemies and prey.

Sequannah will find his courage, loyalty and faith tested as a young warrior in battle, as a submissive slave in captivity and as an uncertain leader facing overwhelming odds and hopeless conditions. Surrounded by treachery, danger and deception, Sequannah must rely on the wisdom of his ancestors, taught now by his father and the clan's Washan, an elder possessed of benevolent wisdom and wizardry.

This is a rousing, action-packed story, but its real strength lies in its parables, the moral lessons of life and nature that bring harmony and purpose to our lives. Sequannah learns that loyalty and sacrifice for the family, the good of all, are more important than individual desires of safety. Groups of people might be different in many ways, but they are the same in the ways that count. Good will always triumph over evil if people will set aside their differences and work together toward a common goal.

Joseph's well-crafted narrative is detailed, varied and colorful, offering a fascinating insight into the religions, customs, traditions and rituals of early Native American life. Complex and tightly woven plotting provides suspense and excitement. Sequannah is an enduring and convincing character, and apparently, Joseph thinks so too, as he is already planning a sequel and perhaps a complete series of Coyote Moon stories.

William D. Bushnell
Brunswick Times-Record

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